Horseback riding

Start the day riding to the top once again!

Ride a horse on the beautiful Eros beach, under the shadow of a steep rock, carved by the artistic power of the sea, the sand and the wind resulting in an almost lunar scenery. Starting at the stables in Megalohori, ride along the paths of the vineyards and continue along the beach towards the top of the hill to enjoy the panoramic view of the beach and the trails.

Choose a different route along the beach at Monolithos but make an early start if you don’t want to find crowds. After your morning dash, visit Panagia Episkopi, the most important Byzantine
monument on the island. Make your way down to see the sunset from Faros – the lighthouse – at Akrotiri. Take the road on the other side of the mountain that comes out at the Pyrgos crossroads
and continue towards Akrotiri. Make a stop at Kamari to take a swim and as soon as the sun begins to go down, head for a walk around Messa Gonia.

If the full two and a half hours ride seems a little too much for you, ask to go for the short ride of just an hour to the nearby beach at Exo Gonia. During the ride, commemorative photos will be taken of you and your horse, capturing your memorable experiences at the most impressive places.

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